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is godly or we're going the wrong way which is ungodly. i mean, is this about budget deficits? is this about something you put your fingers on like mathematics? or something else he's talking about here? i think he's talking apocalyptics. i see it. your thoughts. >> i do too. and, you know, it's working for him. people say, well, this strategy was a failure. sure, it was a failure. it was a failure for republicans nationally. it was a failure for republicans in the congress. but was it a failure for ted cruz? he's got bigger fund raising lists as a result of what he did. he's got converts that will go to the wall for him in iowa and states like that. was it a failure from his perspective? maybe not. >> so it's all about -- governor, is it all about getting the right wing rail, get that rail position hardest right you can get and make sure rand paul or nobody else gets there. as long as you hold to that position, hardest right candidate, you're going to get a huge chunk of votes. is that the thinking? >> absolutely. i think ted cruz is motivated totally selfishly in this. he's
the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars. then there's this little sugar blum, that it will wreck the economy. that's a hard one to make when the stock market hit an all-time high. thank you congressman. i'm beginning to fall in love with everybody in new jersey. tell me about the tenor of the discussion today. >> it was all scare tactics and the gop trying to sabotage the affordable care act. the first thing was this idea that you mentioned at first about the insurance companies taking away your plan. this is private insurance in a competitive market. so the insurers that are canceling these individual policies are doing so because they are not going to be able to sell them. if you have a skeletal plan that has very vifew benefits and cosa lot and somebody else is on the exchange that has better benefits and costs less, you're not going to be able to sell your insurance. so they're notifying people that they're not selling the lousy insurance at a high price. people say i want to keep my plan. why in the world would you want to keep a lousy plan that's going to cost you more. ant
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)